Can maggots survive surrounded by the stomach?

I just watch that show Dirt and this guy threw up live maggots on a side walk. Where could this possbily be going? I can't see that it could be realistic? Ever hear of such a thing or condition?

He have been getting progressivley sicker on the show, but this seem a little over the top.

Unless the individual is dead, I don't reflect they'd survive in the stomach because of the tartness. They could have be in his throat or esophagus, or they could've be other parasitic worms.
Smoke and mirrors! Maggots cannot live in hydrochloric sour no it is impossible for maggots to live in the human stomach because of the sharp. Stomach acid is pretty brutal. Only vermin with specific defenses against it can survive any amount of time contained by the stomach. If maggots were ingested via consumption out of a trashcan or some other infested food source, and he threw up shortly after it's possible they would still be alive. Actually... It's common culture among herbalists and alternative therapy doctors that 95 to 100% of folks do have worms or bedbugs inside their body! It's a fact of vivacity, all living organisms hold parasites, humans not excluded!

Now, since you say EWWW! and run away, please check out this wonderful site: Maggots are gross budge to yahoo sreach and type in maggots and you return with a lot of pic next to human that got maggots within them. The people are still a live liveing beside maggots in them to be precise like so gross I am so sick presently. Positively NO. But one could get botulism type C ...the deadliest of adjectives botulisms from eating anything that have been surrounded by a dead corpse.

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