What is the worst STD besides HIV/AIDS? and what does it do to you?

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Syphilis is pretty harsh. For starters, anyone who comes into close physical contact beside a party who have syphilis can develop syphilis. You don't own to enjoy sexual intercourse to capture syphilis-exposure can result from close contact near an infected person's genitals, mouth, or rectum.

Further, symptoms of syphilis may not be notice or may mimic those of masses other diseases. This may end in an infected entity to deferral seeking medical consideration and can fashion diagnosis difficult. As all right, nearby are 4 stages and respectively own different symptoms.

Primary stage: During this stage of syphilis, a painless stretch out sore call a chancre (pronounced "shanker") develops. Because syphilis is usually passed from soul to party through sexual events, chancres are regularly found contained by the genital nouns, anus, or mouth, but they may also be found somewhere the germs enter the body.

Secondary stage: A skin unthinking and other symptoms turn out during the lesser stage, which begin 4 to 10 weeks after the initial infection. Secondary syphilis is importantly contagious through direct contact next to the mucous membranes or other surfaces artificial by the skin unthinking.

Latent stage: This stage is recurrently call the underhand stage of syphilis because usually no symptoms are present. The quiescent stage is defined as the year after a soul become infected. A party surrounded by rash hidden stage may be contagious. Many times, latent-stage syphilis is detected contained by a mother with the sole purpose after she give birth to a child infected next to syphilis (congenital syphilis).

Late (tertiary) stage: If syphilis is not detected and treated contained by the precipitate stages, problems can develop because of destruction cause by have the syphilis germs surrounded by the body for so oodles years. These may include heart disorders, mental disorders, blindness, other problems associated next to the jumpy system, and even destruction.

It's not resembling other STDs are a step contained by the park any but any STD that can eliminate you have to status up within contained by my books!

I don't know if it is the worst. But PMV is terrifically adjectives and usually doesn't other show any symptoms and it cause cervical cancer. It can organize to problems beside have children and even annihilation contained by worst crust scenario.
I'd voice HPV. For one, in attendance is no cure. And for two, it can make happen cancer, including cervical cancer, which can be highly contagious. About 10,000 women be diagnosed beside cervical cancer closing year, and something like 4,000 of those women will die from it.

Bacterial STDs can be cured next to antibiotics and usually single end in through problems when they are not treated contained by time.
Facts About STD
* 65 million of general public living contained by the US near STD
* 15 million of up to date STD cases respectively year
* 2/3 of adjectives STD's accrue surrounded by ancestors 25 yrs of age or younger
* 1 contained by 4 bright STD's accrue contained by teenagers
* cervical cancer within women is connected to HPV
* doctors are required to report not long diagnosed cases of gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and hepatitis B to state strength departments and the CDC
* 1 contained by 4 Americans own genital herpes, 80% of those near herpes are unmindful they hold it
* at most minuscule 1 contained by 4 Americans will contract an STD at some point surrounded by their lives
* 15% of adjectives infertile American women are infertile because of tubal overexploit cause by untreated STD
* 12% of adjectives infertile American men are infertile because of inflammation of the testicles and sterility cause by untreated STD
The most risky STd is gonorrhea cauzse it can render you impotent save cured.
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I dont know if rating them is a moral view, but i know that SYPHILIS is probably the worst of adjectives. And Gonorrhea following up close.

Syphilis can attack any body organs.

Syphilis is sometimes call "the great imitator" because it have so abundant possible symptoms, and its symptoms are similar to those of various other diseases.

In the tardy stage, the germs will make worse your heart, eyes, brain, uneasy system, bones, joint, or almost any other piece of your body. This wound can evolve years or even decades after the primary stage. Late syphilis can result within mental bad health, blindness, deafness, memory loss or other neurological problems, heart disease, and release. Late neurosyphilis (brain or spinal cord damage) is one of the most severe signs of this stage.

Untreated syphilis results surrounded by a giant risk of a fruitless outcome of pregnancy.
Syphilis can end in miscarriages, premature births, stillbirths, or annihilation of newborn babies. Some infants next to congenital syphilis own symptoms at birth, but most develop symptoms subsequently. Untreated babies can own deformity, delay contained by nouns, or seizure along beside plentiful other problems such as unthinking, disorientation, swollen liver and spleen, anemia, and jaundice. Sores on infected babies are infectious. Rarely, the symptoms of syphilis move about unseen contained by infants so that they develop the symptoms of late-stage syphilis, including deface to their bones, teeth, eyes, ears, and brains, subsequent on.

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