What is calcification of the anterior falx cerebri? Causes and cure?

My CT Scan showed that I own 0.03cm elongated calcification along the moved out side of the anterior falx cerebri. I want to know what this scheme, its cause and cure?

this is usually a adjectives finding within average patients, especially as you carry elder. the falx cerebri is slice of your dura, which is the covering over the brain.

sometimes meningiomas (benign tumors) might present as calcifications, but this is much smaller number possible than it self usual. not knowing your medical history or why you have imaging done, i can't report you for sure- i can solitary play likelihood and bestow you the most possible explanation.

if you are still worried, i would suggest you have a word to your doctor give or take a few the radiology report and ask them to explain things to you.
It mechanism you hold a build up of plaque contained by the capillary within your person in charge and could bring you trouble soon. It comes from age, diet and genes. Treatment is collectively medication or surgery.

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