What are these white bumps on the inside of my heels? They show up more beside pressure, but there's no headache.

I've had these things my integral life, and though they come across to have gotten for a time more obvious over the years, they haven't really grown or spread. They simply look like I enjoy little balls of tapioca underneath my skin, but they're soft to the touch. What the heck are they? My Mom has them, too, though not as bleak. They're annoying simply because they're ugly--I live in the southern US, and I'm ashamed to wear sandals. Is in that anything I can do about them? What are they call? I've searched the internet and can't find anything nearly them. Help!

I have them too. Asked a doctor. she told me it be fat. typical fat. no instrument to get rid of it. This doesn't plan you are fat. ( have them when I was wrestling within college and undernourished)
Piezogenic pedal papules... thats the name of the condition.
Its simply herniation of the fat through a fault in the dermis. Its mostly see in race who are obese, whose job involves standing for long hours, can be heritable. Weight reduction might backing.

I hope this is helpful. Sound approaching the little water blisters associates get when their foot are wet for too long, similar to if you took a long bath. Try using a pumice stone on your foot it works for me.

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