Bloating after appendectomy?

I had a laparascopic appendectomy three weeks ago and am still bloated! My clothes, which fit fine until that time the surgery, are now tight and humiliated. When I came out of the hospital I be 15 pounds heavier than when I went surrounded by and the only entry I had in that was liquid. I can't get the bloating to travel away and it is uncomfortable and unambiguously makes me quality fat. The strength of my stomach has gone away but the bloating is still at hand. I am in the military and must hold a weigh in and tape soon. I know I won't pass beside all of this bloating and call for help to bring back rid of it!

No two people undergo an appendectomy are alike. The reasons for and the outcome of any surgical procedure depend on your age, the severity of your problem, and your common health.

This answer is not intended to run the place of your doctor's professional opinion.

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