Kidney disease contagious?

I have a womanly friend who has some form of kidney disease, take dialysis treaments 3 times every week. Can I catch it from her? Can endorsement saliva or other fluids cause me to ambush it ?

The answer will depend upon the cause of her kidney disease. Some relations with advanced liver disease require dialysis (eg hepatitis B). Some of these sorts of conditions are infectious. However, the beyond measure majority of dialysis patients would NOT be contagious. She is probably at far greater risk of catching something from you.
No kidney disease is not contagious. no, you cant
it's benine and attributed to to the one that is infected no. and you can't corner AIDS from a toilet seat, merely in grip you were worried in the order of it. learn around it so you can be there for your friend. Not unless she have some disease that caused her to own kidney failure specifically contagious. NO. not catching. its more of a condition than a disease.. its not caught, it happens over a time of year of time from bad eating/drinking behaviour.. You can be predestined to get it, if one or both of your parents have it.. YOu would be sensative to the same style your body processes foods etc. ...
Just drink plenty of water,
cut out alcholic drinks,
smaller number caffiene,
less niggle killers resembling ibuprofin and tylenol etc.. these can damage kidneys over time.
no yo yo dieting.. gain, loose, gain loose, the kidneys attain strained from processing the poisons the diets puts out in the urine.. No,it isn't transmissible. It isn't AIDS,so it can't be caught by fluid exchange of any form. I do hope you are a child asking this question. No,kidney disease is not contagious. It is an ailment of the kidney.A body sector.But kissing her might make her surface better anyway.. Every Kidney disease is not contagious. But if a contagious disease has undermined a person's kidney and the recovery have not been complete in that is a slight chance of infection endorsement via sexual contact. But cross infection via saliva can be straight away ruled out. But let me word of warning you against putting the partner's life at risk by attempting any sexual contact until the kidney get past the untimely dialysis treatment and becomes justifiably normal nope, its not contagious.. Kidney disease is not contagious. Risk factor for kidney disease include birth defects or heritable disorder, diet and lifestyle choices, kidney blockage, kidney damage cause by trauma, diabetes, hypertension, and bacterial infection.

If the cause of kidney disease is bacterial infection, It might be possible to verbs bacteria from one human being to another. If your immune system is functioning properly, however, it should be able to verbs such bacteria.

So relax! There is virtually no accident of contracting kidney disease from your friend. You are more likely to develop kidney disease from poor diet and lifestyle choices.

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