Psoriasis medication Diprosalic Pommade?

Hello, I have a mild psoriasis condition on my scalp and my mom give me a topical cream that she says will sort it go away. I used it for a few weeks and its going very well, its just pink very soon with no blotchy scales.

The medication is produced within France and I dont understand French so I dont know if its hazardous or not. Its called Diprosalic Pommade, voie cutanee. Any information on this would be caring - Thanks!

Diprosalic pommade is a powerful medicine. Do not surpass the recommended treatment time prescribed by a doctor (normally of 2 to 3 weeks) or skin lesion can develop.

If a skin disease does not respond to treatment in a few days, or become worse, contact your doctor. Also notify your doctor for any of these side effects:

Never use contained by or near the eyes. Do not use on considerable areas (more than 10% of your body) or on any open wounds. Stop using in a jiffy if you develop a skin infection or fungal infection .

If you are taking any other medications, the doctor must be notify to determine if there is a conflict beside using this cream. More Questions & Answers...

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