My chest burns when I cough?

For the past couple of days I've have a slight cold . Nothing too bothersome; mainly simply a stuffy/runny nose. This morning I woke up beside an intense cough . It doesn't happen markedly often but when it does the entire middle of my chest burns . Occasionally some phlegm comes up when I cough . I'm not a big aficionado of using antibiotics for everything so my question is: Does this nouns more like a bacterial or viral infection ? I can't visualize it's bacterial because I was on antibiotics for germs for the past week for a root conduit so I assume that would have worked have it been bacterial . I'd resembling your opinions though.

And please respond beside something a little more insightful than "Go to a doctor". That factor is common sense. I'm a short time ago looking for opinions contained by the meantime.

Yes - I hate when population say step to the dr., too!! The thing is sometimes after we've be on antibiotics , our immune system is a little scrawny and we are actually more susceptible to infection . Ususlly when your chest hurts when you cough , it can tight bronchitis or pneumonia . But if ur a smoker, that can also cause a rough cough . And all antibiotics don't work for everything, so the one you have for root canal (I'm guessing amoxicillan) usually is not prescribed for pneumonia , so it would not encounter off a more serious infection close to that. Also, a cough is always worse within the morning because your nasal passages hold probably been dripping adjectives night down your throat, making you cough . However the twinge you feel could be the sign of a bronchial or lung infection so if it doesn't subside surrounded by a week or even gets worse later (sorry to say this), see your dr.
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Different bacteria are effect by each antibiotic . The antibiotic you be taking may not kill this fastidious bacteria, if it is bacterial contained by nature.

Intense coughing cause burning, productive coughs, coughing-up small amounts of blood (if severe), and can become quite throbbing. You may also throw-up from the force of coughing. In my opinion, I regard your cold could be making you cough and it just hurts because you're coughing so sturdy. If you see blood, emergency treatment would be advisable. When you see your doctor, a cough medicine might be recommended or prescribed to cut the amount of coughing.
Intense cough will wreak chest discomfort because of powerful contractions of the chest wall muscles in coughing.

Try dextro-methorphn ( DM at train of a cough medicine)

The burning may be due to acid reflux. Try an antacid approaching Tums.

Drink fluids, especially hot, steamy ones. Tea, hot lemonade)

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