Can Macrobid be used to treat a sinus infection?

I know this antibiotic is prescribed mainly for UTI's, but is it efficient in treating a sinus infection?

Macrobid is prescribed principally for UTIs. I suffer from chronic sinus infections and am prescribed, Augmentin, Bactrim or Levaquin for a course of 2-6 weeks depending upon the severity of the infection.

My school nurse said Macrobid will not clear a sinus infection.
The ony things that really help me was when my Dr. told me more or less a sinus wash that will eradicate bacteria.
you obligation

distilled water
ocean salt
solution chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store.
within a glass mix 1/4 cup sea with a pinch of brackish and heat to body heat.
add 5 drops respectively silver and chlorophyll and mix.
using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the feeler while laying down.
Turn the manager and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to enjoy paper towels handy.
The silver kill the bacteria and near are several hundred kind that can live within the sinus cavities and anti biotics don't get hold of rid of them all.
Do this twice a hours of daylight for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time.
Then do it once a week for looking after.
There is nothing surrounded by this that will hurt you, and it cured me.
I do not have to filch claritin, or antibiotics anymore.
best wishes

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