How can I cure my daughters itchy scalp !?

My 6 year old daughter has been scratch her scalp for about 3-4 weeks now. Its definitely not nits as I hold been checking constantly. In fact, there are no grades, rashes, spots or anything on her scalp. I did use a new conditioner on her hair at around alike time that she started, and I have assumed that this has caused it ! She is still scratch weeks later despite having gone back to the usual products. Question is, whats the best piece to use to try to stop this scratching?

Mittens, lol.

Try giving her a children's antihistamine. And it can't hurt to add a few drops of tea tree grease to her shampoo, it's rather soothing. You only need roughly speaking 7 drops in a 250 ml bottle of shampoo.
Sally's (the hairdressing store) carries a great scalp serum. It's made by L'Oreal and is called Nature's Therapy Scalp Relief. I enjoy an extremely sensitive scalp, and any time I dye my hair I use this stuff. It should be fine for your daughter, there isn't anything harsh surrounded by it. It has a bit of mint that makes the scalp feel better instantly. All you do is use the tip to apply it along the scalp and rub it surrounded by.…
i get that all the time the conditioner give her a dry scalp... and when it was dry she scratched and now it is irritated she need to stop scratch let it heal up also look for dry scalp conditioners i like this product call lanza dry hair its for the hair but helps the scalp to its ina white bottle next to green lettering and a green cap you can find it in salons and best of adjectives it doesn't cake on the scalp which also makes it itchy make sre no soap cakes on and every time her team leader is itchy just rinse it in water till its no longer irritated do not! put soap on when its irritated it will a short time ago make her itch more
revert to your inspired shampoo, or use vosene original .

if this doesnt work get some tea tree conditioner, she obviously have a sensitive scalp, my son has the same, i use vosene original on him because it help in the fight against nits !
T-gel shampoo works a treat a bit more expensive than ordinary shampoo but it will work, I had an itch only on one bit of my scalp size of a fifty pence piece used this over a few weeks and it vanished never to return ( i hope) give it a go or go to the doc's and see if he can prescribe something .
try a medicated shampoo you can get them for a reasonable price from any chemist

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