Can you capture pneumonia from exposure to cold or pouring weather for too long of a time?

If i went on a run surrounded by 34 degree weather at midnight next to just a t-shirt and pant, could i get pneumonia . or anything similar to it? would i die

No. Same entity as the cold or flu . You do not get it from anyone cold ....when you are cold your immune system is down, therefore it is harder to argument the virus that comes in contact beside you. You get sick when the immune system is down, and in general it could fight the virus it faster.
A doctor I know says no--so did a manuscript book--but I don't buy it.

Even if they are right, something bad is bound to crop up to you healthwise if you run in low temps next to minimum clothing at night.
Yes, you can, you could die if it was severe satisfactory.
Not exactly. Pneumonia is cause by bacteria or virus , not cold . But, being exposed to cold similar to that can weaken your immune system , making you more expected to catch a cold afterward,if you are exposed to the cold virus , or to pneumonia cause microbes.
No, but that can't be good. Pneumonia is cause by bacteria that collects contained by your lungs, and if you don't have the "bug", you can't procure pneumonia .

But I have hear of people have bad respiratory reaction to sudden changes between hot and cold , especially after not easy exercise .
Yes and No. Pneumonia is caused by any bacteria,viral, or fungus. Indirectly the answer is yes, because it is thought that your body have lower defenses at colder temperatures, making you more susceptible or probable to get pneumonia . People next to lowered immune system function can also get pneumonia well, for example elderly , hiv positive, and patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy to name a few.

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