Anul fistula?

I know it's a pain contained by the ar*e, but has anyone have an anul fistula surgically removed? how bad be your fistula ? how often did it soak? how bad be the pain after the operation on a amount of 1 to 10? how long was you stale work for? how long did it take to alleviate?have you have any problems since?was it worth have it removed?the surgeon has told me to own mine removed is a 10 min operation, but 4 to 6 weeks of severe pain , I thought he be just dictum that because I have a correct sense of humour, but he said it was the truth.
I will delight in reading your answers (and smart ars* comments)

i had one it be a real misery in the a+se didnt realy
what is it i need to know pleez incorporate
I am 51 now but have an anal fistula removed surgically ca. 15 years before (July 1991 to be exact). My post op be not painful. The wound is disappeared open - no stitches or anything. It have to close by itself. It took more than a month and still did not close properly. Had to undergo another minor surgical procedure. Every morning twice (morning & evening) I used to sit in a pudding basin of salt dampen to improve the health-giving - it is called a Sitz Bath if I remember correctly. Till that time have to wear a tampon like a feminine - yes that is the best entity to keep the ice pack in. It be not painful at adjectives for me. The external opening be in a markedly tricky place - just below the scrotal sac, missing it by a few millimeters. Still own the family rings intact.
its true its raw but you really should get it done.

I'm a surgical tech and i've see this done many times.

we even have this one lady who have to come in multiple times because it wasn't restorative..

you really should try to get primed of it as soon as possible before it get worse.

This lady procrastinated and its gotten so unpromising that it looks like she have two holes down there.
can i have best answer please,,,:)
I have no belief what an Anul Fistula is, but it sounds like something else which I will not mention here for the lightheaded of heart.
I have one about 7 years ago. It be leaking constantly and have it removed and it was such a nouns. The pain be about 8-9. I be off for in the region of a month (I couldn't even sit!)
It took months to heal and wasn't allowed to do any exercise for years, merely now 7 years subsequently I'm ok.
No problems since, but I know people that hold had it again and again. It adjectives has to do beside the surgeon and whether they've treated that before. My surgeon have operated fistulas earlier so he knew exactly what to do. I dont' reckon it will only be a 10 min operation, mine took just about half an hour, if more and had to be completely knock out. It is really painful yes and you will probably be put on medication after the operation. I be on medication anyway. Painkillers and then other medication to avoid infections, etc.
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